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Terms and Conditions


Terms for Use of the Website

The M2C Online Store provides online shopping service (https://shop.m2-climbing.com) (hereinafter referred to as the Service) in accordance with these terms of service.
A member who completes the membership registration procedure of the M2C Online Store or starts using the Service means that the member has read, understood, and accepted all the terms of the Service and has fully agreed to receive the existing and future it8ems and contents of the Service.
The M2C Online Store reserves the right to modify this Agreement from time to time. You shall be deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to accept such modifications or amendments when using or purchasing through this website.
If you do not agree to the aforementioned with regard to modifying or updating the terms of the Service, or do not accept any of the terms of the Service, you shall stop using the Service immediately.
If you are a minor under the age of 20 years old, you shall have your parent (or guardian) read, understand, and agree to the Agreement and any modification or amendment thereto before registering to be a member or using, or continuing to use, the Service.
When a minor member uses the M2C Online Store, it is presumed that the member’s parent (or guardian) has read, understood, and agreed to the Agreement and any modification or amendment thereto.




We are committed to complying with applicable laws for the protection of personal data and our privacy protection policy in order to properly manage and protect the privacy rights of users.
This website ensures that the privacy rights of members will not be infringed upon and complies with the Personal Data Protection Act.
Your membership data will only be used by M2C for the purposes of fulfilling your orders with the Online Store and managing membership data and relevant member marketing in order for M2C to provide friendlier service quality and novel shopping experiences. Only basic data may be used and disclosed in the company for joint sale.
After you register voluntarily at the Online Store to become a member, you may correct any personal data you have provided (name, address, phone number, email address, etc.) as needed through the member data section.
Furthermore, to establish a complete system for the management of sales and members, the personal data that the Online Store requires you to provide include the following basic data: name, contact phone number, address, email address, and shopping records. Such data are kept strictly in the host database system.
Moreover, data are only accessed and used by such individuals as those authorized under our data authorization management regulations. Persons that are not authorized are not permitted by the authorization control system to access the data. We will also use basic data to confirm your qualification for shopping and inform you of completion of an order, payment, delivery, etc.
We will also send messages related to activities at the M2C Online Store from time to time. If you do not want to receive such mail, you may cancel your subscription to store information and special offers in the information section.



Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

The M2C Online Store grants you a limited right to register and use this website. Without the express written consent of M2C, you shall not download or change this website or any content thereof.
Except as otherwise provided, all content used by M2C in the Online Store, including but not limited to writings, pictures, files, information, web architecture, web display, and web design, are the registered trademarks of Medium2 Studio Inc. and its affiliates and are protected by the Trademark Registration Protection Act.
Without the express written consent of M2C and except for personal use for non-business purposes, no use, display, copy, transmission, modification, distribution, dissemination, sale, publication, creation of derivative products, broadcast, issuance, display, or utilization with respect to this website or any content thereof shall be permitted.
Under the principle of respecting intellectual property rights of third parties, members agree that they shall not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of third parties when using the Service. Should a member infringe upon a third party’s intellectual property right, M2C may suspend all or part of the Service provided for said member or directly cancel his/her account number.
Members are obligated to respect intellectual property rights. Should a member violate the obligation, the member shall be held liable for compensation for damage (including but not limited to litigation costs, lawyer’s fees, etc.).



Liability Disclaimer and Limitation

The functions provided by the M2C Online Store are provided as available. M2C provides no warranty, whether express or implied, with regard to effect, speed, completeness, reliability, safety, or correctness of such functions.
M2C does not guarantee that the email sent from the webpage, server, or domain of the Service or the content of such mail will not contain viruses or other harmful materials, including but not limited to direct, indirect, accidental, and corresponding damage.
M2C does not guarantee that all emails, files, and data shall be sent or saved correctly and that no disconnection or error shall occur. For any loss due to failure in sending or saving emails, files, or data; any missing emails, files, or data; or any errors, M2C shall not be held liable.



Cease and Discontinuation of Service

The M2C Online Store will maintain normal operation of the system and the Service with such technology and in such manner as deemed generally reasonable. However, M2C has the right to cease or disconnect the provision of the Service in any of the following situations:

Necessary maintenance and construction of the M2C Online Store system

Sudden malfunction of the system

Inability of the M2C Online Store to provide the Service because the electronic communication services applied for by the M2C Online Store are suspended

Inability of the M2C Online Store to provide the Service due to force majeure incidents, including act of God or any other cause that is not attributable to M2C

Force majeure


M2C shall not be held liable for the delay or failure to perform its obligations due to any causes that are beyond the control of the M2C Online Store.
These causes include but are not limited to act of God, war or terrorism, natural disaster, fees imposed in accordance with laws, regulations, and policies, and shortage of goods and services.
Influenced by these causes, M2C may postpone delivering goods and shall not assume corresponding responsibilities. However, if the goods that have not been delivered are cancelled, M2C shall provide a refund to the customer accordingly.



Refusal or Termination of Membership

Members agree that in consideration of maintaining transaction safety, the M2C Online Store shall terminate any member’s password, account number (or any part thereof), or use of the Service (or any part thereof) or remove and delete any “Member Content” of the Service for any reasons, including but not limited to a lack of use or violation of these terms or the spirit of service. Furthermore, members agree that M2C shall not assume any responsibility to members or any third party if the use of the Service (or any part thereof) is terminated.



Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The interpretation and applicability of these terms of service and any dispute or controversy arising from the terms of service or transactions between members and M2C shall be governed by the law of the Taiwan(R.O.C.), and Taiwan New Taipei District Court shall be the court of first instance. However, if mandatory provisions of the law for the court of competent jurisdiction are valid, the mandatory provisions shall prevail.
If you have any question about these terms of use, please send an email to us at info@m2-climbing.com.