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Shopping FAQ

Q1.What is the minimum purchase amount for a buyer to enjoy free shipping?

A purchase amount of at least NT$6,000 entitles the buyer to enjoy free shipping (except overseas shipping).


Q2.Does a buyer have a preemptive right to acquire items put in his/her shopping chart?

Stock cannot be set aside for items that have been put in a shopping cart but have not been paid for. Stock is distributed based on the order in which payments are made.

Q3.How can I check on the situation of my current order?
You may track your order’s progress in the Orders in the Content.


Q4. Can I cancel or change the quantity or type of items in my order after completing payment?

After payment is completed, the order will be automatically processed in the system, so customer service staff are unable to directly assist you in changing an item or its quantity. To avoid any trouble with regard to failing to change your order, please confirm the size, style, and quantity of the purchased merchandise before placing your order.

If you intend to modify or change an order, please first send a return request to customer service staff and then order the correct merchandise you need again.


Q5. How can I change the delivery address?

As long as the merchandise has not yet been delivered or the order status indicates that it is “in preparation,” you may contact the customer service staff and ask them to assist you in changing the delivery address.


Q6. Can a purchase be delivered overseas?

Yes, with a few exceptions, most merchandise can be delivered overseas.


Q7. How should I make payment?

To enable users to make payments more conveniently, the M2C Online Store provides many payment services for users to choose from:

Online payment by credit card (including credit cards issued overseas)

Payment upon arrival of merchandise

Bank/ATM transfer

PayPal Express

Payment at a convenience store



Delivery FAQ


Q1. How is the freight calculated?
For delivery in Taiwan, the freight is about NT$60-120 based on parcel size and delivery method.
For an overseas order, the freight charged by the International Express Mail Service is calculated based on the volume and weight of the delivered goods. To provide a preferable freight, we do not offer the price of freight directly. After you, as an overseas user, place an order, please do not make payment right away. Customer service staff will calculate the freight for you based on the country and area to which your purchase will be delivered and the volume of your purchase. Then please follow the steps indicated by the customer service staff.

Q2. After completing an order, how many days will I have to wait before receiving the merchandise?
Once the payment process has been completed, it usually takes 2-5 days for you to receive merchandise in Taiwan, as long as no special situation occurs.
In consideration of voyage and customs issues, it is conservatively estimated to take one to two weeks before receiving merchandise delivered to an overseas area. You may use the tracking number specified in both the Orders in the Content and the delivery note to track the shipping progress of your merchandise.

Q3. How can I check the delivery status of my purchase?
You may use the tracking number specified in both the Orders in the Content and the delivery note to track the shipping process of your merchandise.

Q4. Why can some merchandise not be delivered to overseas areas?
To have goods delivered to and received by consumers in good condition and prevent unnecessary consumer disputes, we do not deliver flexible goods (e.g., glass bottles, mugs, enamel cups, etc.) to overseas areas.
Furthermore, consumers are required to comply with the import regulations and restrictions (for prohibited articles, etc.) provided by the country (or area) where consumers reside. We are not responsible for related legal issues.

Q5. What about customs duties for international delivery?
The recipient must pay the import duty approved by Customs to be paid.