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Return Policy​





Returns and Exchanges

The M2C Online Store allows a 7-day For returns or exchanges with respect to any purchase, please contact us in one of the following manners:

Message window of the M2C Online Store

Customer Service Tel No.: 02-2997-6506

Customer Service Email: info@m2-climbing.com


Please provide the following information in your message.

Your Name

Order No.

Contact Tel No.

Name of Goods to be Returned/Exchanged

Reason for Return/Exchange

After receiving your request for a return/exchange, our customer service staff will contact you and provide you with the follow-up process for the return/exchange.



Consumer Protection Act of the Taiwan(R.O.C.)


The consumer has a 7-day cooling-off period (including holidays) from the next day after receiving the merchandise. If the merchandise is received by a family member or friend of the buyer or the security room of the buyer’s building, the cooling-off period shall start on the next day after the merchandise is signed for. To return the merchandise, please file a return request online within 7 days. No requests will be accepted after the aforementioned period.

The cooling-off period is not a trial period. The returned merchandise must be new and completely packed in the original packaging (including the merchandise itself, packing materials, any accessories and gifts, and all documents attached). The absence of any item or damage to the packaging is not allowed. The original box and packaging for the merchandise are considered part of the merchandise. Any item missing, damaged, or absent may impact your right to return the merchandise and may result in costs necessary to recover the status of the merchandise based on the degree of damage.

You have a 7-day cooling-off period (to be supported by the receipt issued by the courier, the invoice issued by the convenience store, the postmark date, or the invoice issued by the M2C Online Store) in accordance with Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Act of the Taiwan(R.O.C.). Please ensure within the aforementioned period that the merchandise is complete and correct. The contract for the purchase shall be automatically deemed to have been agreed to immediately following this period. If you are not satisfied with the merchandise during the cooling-off period, please contact the customer service center for a return/exchange. Please note that the merchandise must remain with its original packaging and appearance and shall not be pressed, unpacked, or damaged.



Notice of Return/Exchange

No returns/exchanges are permitted in any of the following circumstances:

The 7-day cooling-off period has expired.

Any or all accessories are not included or the label has been removed.

No return will be accepted if the merchandise is obviously used, washed, broken, stained with dirt or powder, or damaged in any way.

Once underwear (including socks) is unpacked or no longer has a complete package, no returns/exchanges will be accepted, unless the item is found to be defective after being unpacked.

In case of overseas delivery, no returns/exchanges will be accepted.



Miscellaneous Provisions:


We will not pay freight charges for merchandise returned/exchanged due to personal preference, size, etc. However, we will pay freight charges in case of defective merchandise or delivery of incorrect merchandise.

After the return/exchange has been confirmed, please send the returned/exchanged merchandise together with the corresponding invoice back to us. If the invoice has been lost, we will not provide the return and exchange service.

If the merchandise you intend to return/exchange involves a set of merchandise, please note that return/exchange for only some items of the set is not allowed. Please return the complete set of merchandise and then place another order.

If a member arbitrarily returns/exchanges purchases or cancels orders so frequently that such actions cause considerable inconvenience for or damage to the operation of M2C, the M2C Online Store may refuse all said member’s transactions or permanently cancel his/her membership based on the severity of the circumstances.

For returns/exchanges with regard to merchandise purchased through any other channel, please contact sales channel. For any and all merchandise not sold directly by the M2C Online Store, the M2C Online Store shall not be responsible for providing returns or offering exchanges.

Merchandise may suffer various kinds of wear and tear due to different usage habits or methods or storage or maintenance methods of users. If the wear and tear of the merchandise is determined not to be a defect of manufacturing, the M2C Online Store has the right to refuse the return/exchange.

The following are not considered manufacturing defects: A thread end found, an eyelet not punched, some loose thread, a tiny spot, an error of 1~2 cm in size, color variation compared with the photo, or the odor of cloth or dyeing agents from brand new clothing, which will gradually disappear after washing and drying. As for press products, dyeing/printing may be more or less uneven or may have a color spot (smaller than 0.5 cm2). These phenomena are within the acceptable range of international inspection standards and are not defects.

For returns/exchanges, you must use a transport company that issues a tracking code for the delivered goods. If a relevant tracking code is not provided or relevant requirements are not met, the M2C Online Store has the right to refuse your return request.



Refund Procedure


If you intend to return your purchase, the refund procedure will take approximately 7-14 working days.

Full payment by credit card: The refund will be charged back onto the credit card with which the order was paid for. If the charge is returned after the credit card bill closing date, then the refund will be listed in the next month’s statement.

Transfer through ATM: The refund will be remitted to the bank account from which the purchase price was paid. Please check with the bank or confirm by updating your passbook.

If you use a coupon that you obtain as a gift to offset partial payment for your purchase, then the order cannot be cancelled once the offset is successfully completed. If you intend to return your purchase, please note that the coupon will not be returned to you.



Credit Note


For gifts given and electronic invoices issued in the current month, you do not have to complete a credit note. M2C will handle the sales allowance procedure for you. After cross-month invoices are declared, you must fill out a credit note in order to complete the refund procedure.

Triplicate uniform invoices: For accounting operations, please download a credit note. After completing the credit note and affixing the seal to it, please mail the completed credit note to us, or scan or photograph the completed credit note and send it to us by email.

If you received the triplicate uniform invoice in hardcopy form pursuant to your choice, please mail the invoice and the credit note back to us in the return process. We will refund your money within 7-14 working days.

After the sales allowance procedure has been completed, the system will send you a letter with the serial number of the completed credit note. This letter is the notice of completion of the refund. Please keep it for your record.